Gadwal Sarees

Sarees from Gadwal have an elegance and grace all its own. Available in cottons and silks, these Sarees can easily be adapted to the modern lifestyle. Gadwal sarees are made in Andra Pradesh and are famous for their fascinating cotton field with heavy silk border and pallu. There is complicated joinery involved and this gives the silk/cotton mix sari its charm and is a mark of handwoven authenticity. Each and every thread of the gadwal saree is hand woven. All the process involved in weaving a saree is carried out manually, no machine is used in any of the steps. The core materials used for manufacturing the saree are Silk/Cotton and Jari. We import silk/cotton

Narayanpet Handlooms

The skilled weavers of Andhra Pradesh create vibrantly tribal style sarees appropriate for everyday wear. Hard working village women wear these sarees daily and enjoy their breezy soft finish on a hot day.

Pochampalli Ikat Sarees

These harmonious ikats are produced in the mid coastal area of Andhra Pradesh in the Pochampalli district. The cloth is very fine and soft and not very see through. Some have patterning on both ends.

Venkatgiri sarees of Andhra Pradesh

The simple and elegant opulence of Venkatgiri handlooms is apparent in their fine weave, lightweight softness and mostly understated geometric ornament. The yarn is a fine polished variety that yields a very shiney and smooth cloth. Venkatgiri Sarees blend the simplicity of cotton with the ornamental zari butas. Again, these Sarees are elegant with their unique charm.

Uppada Cottons and SICO

Uppada is well known for its traditional Jamdani / Uppada Handlooms. Uppada handlooms are well known for its unique designs. Usually Uppada handlooms are made in cotton warp and wept.

Kanchi Cotton Sarees

GollaBhama Cottons