Venkatgiri Cotton Sarees

Venkatagiri’s old name is “Kali Mili”. Venkatagiri an artisan cluster situated in the District of Nellore in Andhra Pradesh which was under the dynasty of Venkatagiri Rajas. Venkatagiri Town is famous for the Zari Cotton handloom sarees. It has got its own unique weaving excellence and sarees blended the simplicity of cotton with the ornamental zari butas. The looms used in Venkatagiri are mostly pit looms. Pit looms are looms which are fixed at the ground level and there is a pit in which the loom’s pedal is placed. The weaver will sit on the floor and use his/her hands and legs to weave. The handlooms in Venkatagiri are famous for their softness and durability. The handloom fabrics are soft and comfortable to wear and also suit all climates.